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Como parte de las actividades en memoria de Steve Jobs (1955-2011), hice mi contribución y envié mi correo a rememberingsteve@apple.com , no se si fue publicado en el link, no lo he visto, pero tampoco paso las horas viendo la página, aunque creo que mi carta es un poco larga para el formato, entonces decidí publicarla yo ;p

Oh, a lot of things comes out of my mind when I think about Steve.

Geniality, hard worker, details, re-invention, innovation, visionary, futuristic, great speaker and so the list continues.

Unfortunately I never meet him, and I was never even close, but for sure, I really enjoy his inventions and the products that he inspire.

I never missed  a keynote, wow! what an incredible presenter, but the most remarkable speech for me, it was the Commencement speech at Stanford 2005, “Connecting the dots”, it’s my every day inspiration, today I don’t know what I’m doing but for sure, in the future I’ll look back and I’ll see that everything was connected and put me right there in the spot, and it worth it.  Until I herded from Steve, I realize how simple life is, and how could the most complex concept could be so perfectly explained, so then a 6 year old kid could also understand it.

Every person in the world is here for a reason; to make the difference, to change the world, it doesn’t matter if it’s great or minor, it’s a change, it’s a contribution.

Hundreds of patents, great computers, amazing software, breakthrough devices, there’s no need to mention how Steve helped to change the world, and the world will always remember him, and his legacy.

Finally I like to note that in the last years Apple commits into a greener policy, BFR/PVC free, recyclable materials, smaller packages, great changes and small changes too, but all pointed to a better world, a healthier world, I think thats Steve’s legacy too.

A great man has departed, there are no words to express the feelings from the people who admire him, who work with him, but there are words to express what Steve means to us, this are my words.

Best regards and my condolences.

Gabriel Melendez
Monterrey, Mexico


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